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In need of a little inspiration for your home? Want to keep up to date with the latest trends in interiors? have burning interior design questions? At FC Interiors our very own Sheena Quigley brings you your weekly Interiors bible in the form of 'The Inside Story'. Everything you will ever need to give your home a designer touch is brought to you in a witty, practical way. From breaking trends, to useful revamp tips for every room of your home, you will wonder how you ever  lived without it. 

Here on FC interiors official home page, you also have the unique opportunity to 'Ask The Expert'? An exclusive chance to ask Sheena the author of 'The Inside Story' the answer to any design conundrums or queries that you have always wanted to have answered. Just enter your question and your personalised answer will be e-mailed back to you. So reside no longer in an interior design wilderness, all you will ever need to know is right here at your finger tips!